FirstPlay Infant Massage Storytelling®

The FirstPlay® program combines simple storytelling together with playful infant massage techniques. In FirstPlay® sessions I will teach you the Baby Tree Hug Massage© story,  a playful touch-based story which is included in your FirstPlay® Parent Handbook.


Benefits Include:

  • Strengthening the parent-child attachment and bonding
  • Teaching infants the sensations of relaxation
  • Creating a fun time each day of intimacy between parent and child
  • Helping to create deeper and more sound sleep
  • Gaining a sense of internal self-regulation and their own ability to calm as they grow
  • Increasing oxygen and nutrient flow to the cells
  • Teaching your baby about caring positive touch, respect and personal boundaries
  • Helps with digestion and bowel elimination
  • Increases the joy within the relationship
  • Caring touch releases the calming and connectivity hormone oxytocin, while at the same time lowering the stress hormone cortisol
  • The use of storytelling can boost early literacy potential
  • Wires the brain for healthy interpersonal relationships


Next Steps...

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